Business and Facilities

Eng Sheng utilises the strength of its supply chain to optimise movement of products through its storage, handling and shipping network to operate efficiently.

We have a close and excellent work rapport with international and local logistics partners to enable us to efficiently transport and handle our products.

Equipped with vast spaces and modern technology, our warehouses have the capacity to store tons of products at optimum temperature and humidity levels, keeping our products fresh. With the addition of an effective IT support system, we ensure the highest level of efficiency and accuracy in our warehousing services.

Eng Sheng is a firm advocate of delivering the highest quality of products, services and operations. Our delivery fleets are committed to ensuring our deliveries are always on time.

With a worldwide transportation network spanning more than 200 locations, Eng Sheng continues to partner with farmers and agricultural providers to create a market for their products around the globe.

Eng Sheng is one of the world’s leading agricultural processors. Our customers benefit from Eng Sheng’s unrivalled global reach, strong relationships with farmers and agricultural providers and our extraordinary range of logistical and technological services.